Saturday, August 20, 2011

Has it really been that long?

Ok, so we haven't been great at keeping this updated.  However, we've taken a bunch of pictures and thought everyone needed to see how big the kids are getting.  Everyone is growing rapidly and Liberty will soon be eating us out of house and home.  We guess she needs her energy as she is getting very close to walking.  And Lincoln's vocabulary is building every day, but his favorite word right now is "No, No, No, No"! 

Our home is always open if you're ever in the mood to see scenic Charleston.  We love and miss everyone!

Nick, Holly, Lincoln, & Liberty

Lincoln says..."Come visit me!"


  1. OMG!!!! They are just precious! Thank you so much for sharing. Holly, you are as beautiful as ever. You both are truly blessed to have such gorgeous and obviously HAPPY children. May God continue to shine his love upon you all! Love, Cathie

  2. Nick and Holly thanks for sharing these great photos of your beautiful. We had never seen Liberty before, she's very cute. Lincoln has gotten so big. Glad your all doing well.
    Keith and Jennifer (Berkeley and Preston) Lynch