Saturday, August 20, 2011

Has it really been that long?

Ok, so we haven't been great at keeping this updated.  However, we've taken a bunch of pictures and thought everyone needed to see how big the kids are getting.  Everyone is growing rapidly and Liberty will soon be eating us out of house and home.  We guess she needs her energy as she is getting very close to walking.  And Lincoln's vocabulary is building every day, but his favorite word right now is "No, No, No, No"! 

Our home is always open if you're ever in the mood to see scenic Charleston.  We love and miss everyone!

Nick, Holly, Lincoln, & Liberty

Lincoln says..."Come visit me!"

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Video for Grandma

This is a quick post to show a video I made for my Grandma9 who isn't doing too well right now. We'll post pictures of our new addition (Liberty Mie Squires) soon.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Made it through the first why not start all over?

So we're not good at updating the blog....That's a fact. Another fact is that we made it through our first year with Lincoln. That's a pretty big accomplishment if you ask us! We want to thank all of the gifts that were sent for Lincoln. It's apparently clear that he is spoiled. But he is so damn cute that it's hard not to spoil him.

The other big news that everyone probably already knows is that Holly is pregnant again. Yes, we loved the first year so much, that we decided to start all over again! Her due date is November 18th, but we have a scheduled c-section for November 11th. That is of course if she makes it that long. Lincoln came 2 weeks early, so we're hoping she makes it to the 11th. The first question everyone probably wants to know is the sex of our new addition. Most of the family knows, all except for me! I decided I wanted it to be a surprise so everyone has been really good at keeping it a far. Of course it makes decorating the nursery and making plans more difficult. My dad tells me I should get off my high horse and stop being stupid. I have to admit that while part of me wants to know, it's been fun annoying the hell out of my dad! Just kidding. I just figured there are so few surprises left in life that it will make the new baby's birth day so much more exciting.

So what has happened over the past 6 months? Well I'll let the pictures tell the story...Enjoy and we love and miss everyone!

Yes it snowed in Charleston this winter and yes those are plastic bags on Lincon's feet.

Mommy and Lincoln.

Don't mess with a gangster!

Lincoln and his Uncles!

Nona and cousins Gabby and Amber with Lincoln at the Angel Oak Tree.

Family visiting for Lincoln's 1st Birthday and Great-Grandma's 75th!

Lincoln's first Birthday. There is no way to keep a baby clean with cake in front of him!

How does one get spaghetti on his head?

Look at those eyes!

Fun times in Port Charlotte! We love playing at the beach and in the fountains!

What an exhausting year!

Lincoln feeding himself with a spoon for the first time!

We love and wish everyone the best!